-King Jonathan-

Finished: 2009
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Holy crap and AHHH! I'm so so so so sorry for being very ridiculously late with your
b-day present picture gift! D: *is a bad cousin* But I finally finished *flops over*
Happy Waaaaaay belated b-day! !!!! *hugs*

Ish JONATHAN!!!!! V^____^W My OC and the one my cousin love to death even with the fear
of him killing her hehe. It was also an excuse to draw the poor buggar and also with
a king like robe.... thingy! I was going to draw a crown but I said "naaaah Jon doesn't
wear crowns" I had to make it green since it is his color and all hehe. And SHIRTLESS!!
WooO! *wonders if this is becoming a trend making people gifts with bishies without shirts* XD


I had a ref for the pose from somewhere lol.

Jonathan is my half-gargoyle thatís why his skin his is gray *nod nod*

I refused to make a background... well a pretty one XD

Jonathan is my OC no touchie or take please and thank you