Finished: June.17th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet

Long story short... XD I had a dream which had Mustang here in it and he was human but changed into a Dragon to save a older gentleman.

I got his name from my dream while he was a dragon at the time with two kids on his back who I assume called him a pony? and so he said
and I quote "I'm not a Pony... I'm a Mustang!!" so ta-da his name was born XD.

I think he is too handsome and cute also have a thing for fuzzy collars on jackets rofl. Also I seem to like to play with lighting atm

I got the Brick brush from [link]
The moon is a brush I found a few years ago I can't remember where I got it from =/

Mustang & Art *windrider01