-+Happy Halloween - 2005+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
I finally did a Halloween Picture XD.

These are my original characters the Triplets Zelda is the girl on the broom obviously lol.
I think she took advantage of Leo and Leon turning into kitties XD though she does herself
but she can control the curse better.

I think Leo looks as if he is having fun in the front looking at Zelda poor Leon is stuck
in the back and is trying to hang on lol. I had the idea of someone on a broom flying
in front of a moon which is a brush again V~_^W. and it turned out to be Zelda because
she needs some lovin!

Zelda & Leo: ...Its Halloween! *Sings*...

Leon: ...Where did you learn how to drive a broom at Zelda?! You trying to make me fall off!?

Im sure hes calling her a witch right at the moment too ehe XD.

Leon Leo and Zelda are my original Characters and belong to me V^_^W