New ID (I Still -3 Chibi Bishies)

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
All right I got bored of my other one and I have been wanting to make a new one for
a bit and plus Iím not 19 anymore V~_^W. I drew myself with how my hair actually
looks! *GASP* my older sister always gets mad when I draw my anime character of
myself with bangs XD. I added the wings for fun. I HAD to draw Conrad! *huggles him*
he is my new obsession V~_^W. Yuuri is just too cute a bit naÔve but so am I V^-^W;;
and Tsuzuki because I act so much like him itís sometimes scary! . And Heero because
ummm because! lol itís Heero enough said? .

Um... Not sure what else to say but itís my new Devi ID

Conrad, Yuuri, Tsuzuki, and Heero belong to there respected owners.
I belong to myself XD