-+Thanks for 15,000hits+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2006
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Okay so it’s 15,000hits Plus XD It took me a few days to get this done
*plus I had really wonky hours at work* Vx.xW;

My Best Friend *rinoalain
got the hit lol she got a few of them XD.

I never actually had a hit in mind but she told me to check my main page and
the comments and I did and seen she caught my 15,000hits! Then she said to me:

Rinoalain: *Demands a picture* XD XD j/k

Course I said “Sure why not I don’t care” XD so she told me what she wanted
and Yes it is a Boy I had the pose idea in my head then I found the pose I
wanted! It was somewhere… *forgets where I found the pose from now* Ah well V^-^W;;;

Also I colored it a bit different then I normally do it’s more blurry ish?
*can’t explain it* I was experimenting.
Well Hope you like!

And I would like to thank you all who visited my devi Gallery!
Thanks for the Hits! V^_^W *Bows*

All drawn and colored with my Tablet on Photoshop CS
Time taken um.. a few nights?

By me of course X3.