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Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS Tablet
Wow... I never thought Iíd get to this number VO_OW. I actually had this done before hand XD I wasnít sure if anyone would tell me if they got it but someone did and trying to figure out what they would like! So Iím putting this pic up for now X3 cuz I ummm can! lol.

I actually did this pic for my website for the hits on there but I loved it so much I waited to post it on here V^_^W itís anime me btw and I did my hair how it actually looks *Gasp* well I didnít put the black under my hairÖ I got lazy XD. and the skirt is a skort shorts underneath X3 looks can be deceiving V~_^W. And out of pure randomness Iím eating M&Mís! I havenít ate them in forever!

Well Hope you like!

And I would like to thank you all who visited my devi Gallery! Thanks for the Hits! V^_^W *Bows*

All drawn and colored with my Tablet on Photoshop CS
Time taken um.... oh boy I forget now VO.oW;;

I um belong to myself? XD