-+Want to Play+- Request

Finished: 2004
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Kya! I put doing this one off for a while Vx.xW; I'm sorry! *bows many times still repeating 'I'm sorry'* I was busy also but I got it finished so Yay me!! X3.

This is another Request from iconichigobunny This time of Byakko who is her Inuyasha fancharacter! V^_^W. Which is a girl not sure if you can tell by the pose figured I should state V^-^W;. Gah I hope I got the colors and everything right V;-;W; Um.... I got the pose idea randomly from somewhere I was flipping through something to get inspired to draw and I did V~_^W.
Ummm the blood splats are random they worked! not sure if she would do that I don't know how the character acts um I guess? lol.

Well Hope you like Ichigobunny! *Glomp*

Byakko is http://ichigobunny.deviantart.com Inuyasha fancharacter.
Art is Done by me!