Once Upon a time.. -+Request+-

Finished: 2004
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Holy Moley... my friend Megan asked me to draw this for her two months ago I know she said take my time but I took to long sorry! *Bows many times*

Well anyway! This is a Request from my friend Megan! her and Jeremy aren't they just cute together?! X3 She had the pose idea in mind for her reading to him and he had his head on her lap. I thanked her since my brain came up blank XD. Hope I got the colors right for the hair and eyes if I didn't I'll just edit it V^_^W. And the Text says if you can't read it:

"Once Upon a time..."
"There was a beautiful Princess..."
"Who met a handsome Prince..."

The Cuteness did it I say! and the Pink VO_OW

Well Hope you like Megan-san!

Time taken... hm... a few nights to get the pose to look how I wanted it. A night to color.

Megan belongs to.... herself XD http://meganaoyama.deviantart.com
Jeremy... belongs to himself lol.

Art is Done by me! of course X3