Lawful Drug - Request

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Gah... I am so slow with requests so sorry V;_;W *hasn't been in a great mood lately*

Well this is the second Request from the winner from my tsuzukiclub riziak one more to go! so sorry for taking so long V;_;W;

This is Gohou Drug or Lawful Drug not sure about it I never heard of it till they asked for a picture and I
asked for pictures XD and it's by Clamp! the characters are Rikou and Kazahaya. Btw it's shonen ai (sp?)

Ummm not sure what else to say but hope I got the colors right V^-^W;; and stuff probably looks off and
random background as usual aha..

Well hope you like!

Time taken er..... a night to color V^-^W;; forget how long to figure out a pose was.

Gohou Drug belongs to Clamp
Drawn by me of course lol