_Welcome to WindRider's Palace_
Welcome to my humble little page V^_^W. I Really do hope you enjoy all of my art.

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When someone gets 10000hit E-mail me a print screen Please n thank you! and I'll make you a picture! V^_^W Thx!.

Last Update: 11.19.10
New layout! *dances about*
I've had my other one for... My goodness over three years? So I figured I needed a new one XD.
And also to update... so sorry about that! *apologizes a million times*
I'm going to do my best from now on to at least update once a month like I used too.
Also someone got my 8000hit. Which I'm working on.
You'll notice I removed the Dragons tab, I moved it into gallery to make it simpler. And also took out some old pictures =P;

New updates in the Gallery, Fanart, and Comics
Shows with the -+New+- Text besides the gallery.
Till next update! Ja! *wavies*

First Started July/26th/2002
Smoke Ban Mine!
Please don't steal him he's my Partner Dragon if you want one I'll make you one V^_^W